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About Us is a personal blog of an active crypto trader containing thought-provoking content for crypto traders of all levels with absolutely no ads or referrals links.

About Us

Letter from the Author

You don't have to spend much time online to see what modern-day blogging has turned into ads, ads, and more ads. Ads are acceptable when looking for the latest and greatest laundry detergent on the market - they aren't so fine when looking for crypto content.

I created this site intending to put down my thoughts on crypto. However, don't be surprised if pieces on self-improvement, philosophy, or technology pop up in your email.

There will never be any form of advertisement or referral links on this site. Furthermore, all articles written on this site should not be considered financial advice but rather a diary of a cryptocurrency trader.

Thank you for reading if you have made your way here; without you, I am simply writing down my thoughts for the void. If you like my work, the best way to support my work is by subscribing and sharing!