My first week's experience diving into DAOs

DAOs sometimes are scary to approach and I'm sure everyone's experience will be different so I decided to note down mine.

My first week's experience diving into DAOs
Meeting the team

Dear Reader,

I write a lot about contributing to your favorite projects. Since I have left my full-time, I finally have the time to dive into DAOs and explore the inner workings of this new organizational style. DAOs sometimes are scary to approach. It can be difficult figuring out how you fit into everything. I'm sure everyone's experience will be different so I decided to note down mine.

Monday (10/11)

On my first crypto workday, I had a great discussion with ILO, and I learned more about the projects GraviDAO was working on. We shared a vision of a future where DAOs have a platform to build out their governance and their projects with a fair voting system. Ilo had met me through the DeFi Desk community, so we had a previous connection before GraviDAO. After meeting the team and understanding their goals with the DAO, I felt like it was a project that I could see myself contributing to, with a team I would not mind working with.

This was my opportunity to learn Miro - an online collaboration tool that does everything from sticky notes to map out user flows. I did not expect to like this app as much as I did. It felt natural to place and design quick mock-ups easily. I would describe it as having the capabilities of Sketch but with a more user-friendly general-use focus. I'll have to dive into this more in the future.

Stock Miro Screenshot

Wednesday (10/13)

There was another group GraviDAO meeting where we discussed further details of the projects and what each individual would be doing during the week's "sprint." The team is still working on having a better way to manage tasks using apps like Jira, but that's still a work-in-progress.


Thursday (10/14)

Throughout the week, I created a blog post titled: "Creating roadmaps that foster community." This was my "first" blog I spent a significant amount of time on - this would have been impossible if I kept working at my full time. You can click on the link below if you're interested in reading it.

The "secret sauce" to community building is simple: Be consistent with following up on road map goals, pick open events for community engagement of all types of skill types, position yourself for the long term and reward your holders.

I have been receiving positive feedback with the newsletter so far, and I'm pleased to say that more and better are coming.

Saturday (10/16)

On Saturday, I was offered by @Cle4ncuts to conduct a small seminar over my roadmaps blog for a few NFT artists the very next day in the DeFi Desk discord. Having just written the blog, the ideas were still fresh in my mind; despite the little time to prepare, I happily agreed.

I did not want to use the blog itself to present the idea. However, I knew a slide deck would be better for a presentation, so I began the work of converting the blog.

You are able to view the slides: here

Sunday (10/17)

The presentation started at 9AM, and the seminar opened up for everyone in DeFi Desk to join. I believe it went well, and the feedback I received on it has all been positive. The discussion afterward was as good as the presentation itself! At the height of the seminar, 20 people were listening in, not bad for a last-minute announcement.

I recorded the presentation segment and have it available for viewing. My only regret during this was I decided not to record the Q&A afterward. Next time, I'll keep the recorder running throughout the entire duration.

Seminar done in the DeFi Desk discord

Monday (10/18)

(10/18) is part of the following week, but I wanted to squeeze in the cartographer community call. This call focuses on keeping an eye on the newest DeFi/NFT projects with the bonus of some great conversations and insights. I've started adopting this as one of my go-to calls. It's an amazing opportunity to see how fellow investors are dissecting new projects before investing.


I hope you enjoyed the overview of my very first week. I'm happy to say that a week and a half in, I'm feeling comfortable and engaged with the DAOs I'm working with and I'm excited to share everything I'm working on soon.

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