Stablecoin Snapshot: July 6th

Snapshot of Investment allocation percentages and interest rates.

Stablecoin Snapshot: July 6th
July 6th

Just the data

The point of this blog is to be a snapshot of my "stablecoin" investments and will not be expanded on. This should be taken as if you overheard me talking at a bar.

This is not financial advice

What types of risks are associated with this kind of investing?

DeFi is brand spankin' new. Keep in mind that you are essentially using pre-alpha (Heard of beta versions? This is the beta beta beta.) versions of the next generation of finance. I'll be listing through what I consider to be the most serious risks that all new comers should know and an ELI5 next to it.

  • Smart Contract Bugs

Your computer sometimes has bugs that lets hackers take control. These protocols also have bugs that can allow hackers take your funds.

  • Depegging

Stablecoins are called stable because they stay at a certain price (i.e $1). If the coins are unable to keep their price (can happen for a variety of reasons depending on how the coins are set up), you're at risk of losing everything.

  • Rugpulls

The projects I have listed below are vetted out and are at very little risk of rugpull but if you decide to look for projects on your own, be careful of untrustworthy projects that might decide to steal everything.

My investment list

List ordered by percentage in portfolio

StakeDAO: Interest: (26.59% APY) | % of Portfolio (37.41%)

mStable: Interest: (26.39% APY) | % of Portfolio (23%)

Curve: Interest: (11.13% + 35.28% APY) | % of Portfolio: (16.21%)

DFYN: Interest: (40.94% APY) | % of Portfolio (10%)

Mai + Adamant: Interest: (114% APY) | % of Portfolio (8.99%)

Balancer: Interest: (177.59% APY) | % of Portfolio (4.39%)

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