Letter #5: The Creative Investment

I believe that the best investment you're able to make at this moment is an investment in your future creative endeavors.

Letter #5: The Creative Investment
The Creative Investment

Dear Creator,

I believe that the best investment you're able to make at this moment is an investment in your future creative endeavors. I do not doubt that you've brushed against "get-rich-quick" strategies and possibly have asked yourself why to go through the process of creating your project when you could ride on the flavor-of-the-month trend. In this blog, I will walk you through my thought process to highlight the pros of "creative investments."

Upfront Investment

Over the past week, I've taken the time to brush up on the creative tools that are driving the future of NFTs and, in extension, the metaverse. The tools I touched on were: Final Cut Pro, Cinema 4D, and Pixelmator Pro.

The total cost of all of these tools:

  • Pixelmator Pro: $40
  • Final Cut Pro: $300
  • Cinema4D + Redshift: $1000/yr
  • NFT Generator: Free
  • Total spent: $1340.00 or .3E^

Although this may seem like a significant investment, and it is in the context of your personal development, it is dwarfed by your profit potential. As we seem to be cooling down from the 10k profile picture NFT craze, I will be choosing a more modest supply of 2,500. Assuming the art you create is sufficiently attractive, the strategy you craft is reasonable, and the community that forms dedicated, it is not unheard of for you to sell out. (Take a look at all the successful under 18 years old NFT creators ) If we decide to price them on the lower end, 0.035E ($150/pc^), selling out will total 87.5E or $218,750. This is not accounting for payments to team members, community events, charity donations, etc. However, even with a smaller captive audience, the numbers are very favorable towards the artist and team.


As someone who made most of his crypto wealth via trading, I found many factors of trading unattractive and are commonly looked over by "influencers" when discussing crypto investments in general: my largest gripe was the absolute lack of control. Shill all you want; there is so much noise in this space that the impact you will have in developing coins/protocols by simply being a financial investor is minimal. During times of bull markets, investors aren't worried about the lack of control; when it is times of free falls, investors realize the lack of levers available to them.

During times of crisis, you could either be the screaming civilian or you can be the consistent builder. Both positions will be in unfortunate situations, but only one of them will keep their wits.

Brief anecdote: When I was investing in degen farms, I realized my greatest threat was not other traders but the developers themselves. Any mistakes during launches by the developers could lead to an instant crash of the token's price. This embedded into me a distaste for the lack of control in traditional financial investing. Even during good times, there was always the thought in the back of my head that all of this could change at a moments notice and I would have no power to do anything about it.

Personal Development

If you are like me and view the crypto space as the grandchild of the internet, you understand that opportunities will open, especially in the places we least expect it. If we can learn anything about the early internet, being successful is about being the right person at the right time. From my observation, the amount of personal development you will go through is determined by the types of activities you engage with.

Although this article was based around creative tasks, I want to include all types of "creativity": whether you're designing your own NFTs, participating in protocol community calls, contributing to an open-source project, leading discussions regarding the latest developments, all of these will bring you closer to becoming the "right" person for the "right" time. I want to encourage you to continue focusing on improving your skillset; it's the only thing these markets can't take away from you.


I believe that art has something important to teach all of us. It forces you to focus on the improvement rather than the now. We will never be as impressive as we wish to be. We will always be able to point to another person as an example of "how to do it right."

Keep your eyes on the horizon, and eventually, you'll be the one who catches the sunrise first.



Practice over the last week:

^(Based on current ETH price: $4,477.64)

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